Simple, async query library for modern Python

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aql is a simple, modern, and composable query builder, with support for asynchronous execution of queries against multiple database backends using a unified API. aql uses modern, type annotated data structures for both table definitions and queries.

aql is still in early alpha. Not all features are available or finalized.

Define tables:

class Object:
    id: PrimaryKey[AutoIncrement[int]]
    name: Unique[str]
    description: text
    created: datetime

Build queries:

query = (
    .where( >= 25)

sql, params = SqlEngine.prepare(query)
# "select * from `objects` where `id` >= ? order by `name` asc limit 5", (25)

Execute queries:

async with connect(...) as db:
    cursor = db.execute( < 100))
    async for row in cursor:
        print(f"{} {} {row.description}")

Simple actions:

async with connect(...) as db:
    rows = await db.get(Object, == 100)
    rows[0].description += "updated"

    await db.modify(Object, rows)


aql is copyright Amethyst Reese, and licensed under the MIT license. I am providing code in this repository to you under an open source license. This is my personal repository; the license you receive to my code is from me and not from my employer. See the LICENSE file for details.