Bugfix release

  • Include py.typed for PEP 561 support (#27)

  • Tested on Python 3.9

$ git shortlog -s v0.4.0...v0.4.1
     5  John Reese
     1 bot


Feature release

  • Add support for ORDER BY clauses in SELECT queries

  • Fixes for placeholders on generated Mysql queries

  • First steps towards Sphinx documentation

  • Added aql to Omnilib

$ git shortlog -s v0.3.0...v0.4.0
     4  John Reese


Feature release

  • Added support for mysql connections via aiomysql

  • Fixed mysql query generation to use correct placeholders for aiomysql

$ git shortlog -s v0.2.0...v0.3.0
    10  John Reese


Feature release:

  • Corrected generated SQL for Sqlite and Mysql for quoted column names

  • Connection.execute() now returns an intermediate Result object that can be awaited

  • End-to-end integration test creates table, inserts, and selects rows

  • Fixed lint and typing issues

$ git shortlog -s v0.1.1...v0.2.0
     6  John Reese
     1  pyup-bot
     3 bot


Pre-alpha v0.1.1

$ git shortlog -s v0.1.0...v0.1.1
     2  John Reese


Pre-alpha v0.1.0

$ git shortlog -s 35886a4fa6f14d3821cf5e8d0ab0428cafce5c1b...v0.1.0
     1  John Reese